Arduino in Action

I was the lead author for the book “Arduino in Action” published in June 2013 by Manning Publications and available as both an ebook and in traditional print.


The book has since been translated in Polish, Portuguese as well as Simplified and Complex Chinese

comments on Amazon have included

“Arduino in Action is a intermediate level book for creating fun projects using the arduino platform. I really like that they devote an entire chapter just to describing the different types of arduinos and how to navigate through all the arduino rip-offs.from cover the examples are well written, explained and easy to understand. Definitely five stars! ”


“Prior to reading this book I had no experience with Arduino or electronics. I am a software developer, so the programming side was nothing new, but the world of microcontrollers was entirely foreign. This book will take you from a timid newbie to a confident Arduino user ready to tackle anything. It’s just a matter of following each of the lessons step-by-step. If you do not already own one, you will also need to buy an Arduino board with all sorts of other electronic components (breadboard, wires, leds, resistors, etc.). I chose the official Arduino Starter Kit that comes with an Arduino Uno, which is the board recommended by the book.

Within about 30 minutes, this book will have you running your first Arduino sketch on your new board. For me, there is a certain level of confidence that is gained simply from reaching that point. The author then quickly takes you through progressively more challenging exercises at a pace that I found to be fast enough to keep my interest, but thorough so that a beginner like me can can soak it up and not get lost. The author also includes plenty of photos, which can be especially helpful to the novice. The first few chapters familiarize you with the basics, but if you can make it to the end, you will have accomplished many non-trivial projects including:

– Communicating over WiFi or Bluetooth
– Logging data on an SD card
– Extending Arduino through add-on shields
– Controlling motors
– Connecting Arduino to an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.)

In summary, this book is packed full of goodies and step-by-step instructions that are great for the novice, and I suspect great for more experienced users as well.”