Events 2013

Global Service Jam: Aberdeen 1st – 3rd March

This was a weekend event with the theme being revealed on the Friday evening. After a brainstorming session we split into teams and started to develop project ideas.

On the Saturday we further refined our ideas. This included going out into the street and conducting market surveys. Everything wrapped up on the Sunday with everyone presenting their final projects. Our project was Cook Club, a community based cooking club. More details are available here

Mini Maker Faire Edinburgh 7th April

This was Edinburgh’s first Mini Maker Faire and was part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. I had a small part in helping it to happen, mainly in an advisory capacity and selecting the makers who exhibited. We took our ROV’s and Aberduino took the Video and Switch walls. We all traveled down on the Saturday to get set up ready for the Sunday. Over 3000 visitors attended the Faire. My Eldest daughter Leanne and her friend ran a silver ring making workshop.

Maker Faire Newcastle 27th – 28th April

My nine year old son and I traveled down on the Friday to get set up. This is an incredibly busy Faire and was even bigger than the previous event in 2011.

The video below gives an overview of the day

A view looking down

Newcastle Maker Faire Overview

Newcastle Maker Faire Overview


Dale Dougherty CEO made a tour of some of the makers. You can see my part at 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Hack n Make 12th May

I approached the University of Aberdeen towards the latter part of last year to see about running a Mini Maker Faire in Aberdeen. After consultation it was decided to run our own branded event. Hack n Make was run as part of the University of Aberdeen May Festival. The University provided the venue, security, catering on the day and general support through their events management team. My task with a small team was to actually coordinate the Makers and organise and run the event. I was lucky enough to enlist the aid of one my daughter Heather’s friends Joanne Donaldson, a student at RGU studying event management. Joanne was brilliant and helped me to send out the calls for participation, liaised with the Makers and helped on the day to make the event a success. More details can be seen on the Hack n Make website here

hack n make2013

Hack n Make 2013


Converged Conference 31st May, Edinburgh

This one day conference took place at Summerhall was organised by Ryan Stenhouse; The Happy Geek Ltd. The day featured a number of speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds as well as a couple of workshops. I particularly enjoyed the talk given by Sarah Drummond from Snook. More details of the day can be seen here

 City of Culture Hackathon: Aberdeen 29th – 30th June

As part of Aberdeen city’s bid to be City of Culture 2017 a weekend Hackathon was organised. This was a weekend event and took place at 17, Belmont street.
Below is a video of the ideas session



Workshop Workshop 3rd August

Day organised by Steve Milne with the idea of spending the day developing a workshop that could be run at a later event. I started with couple of ideas but as the day went on formulated a workshop around building a basic robot from scratch

Workshop Workshop Panel one

Workshop Workshop Panel one

Workshop Workshop Panel two

Workshop Workshop Panel two



YRS Festival of Code Mentor 5th – 11th August

After acting as a mentor for last years regional event I decided to offer my services again for the main week long Festival of Code event taking place in August. Starting on the Monday morning at the University of Aberdeen with Bruce Scharlau as centre lead. The week culminated with a trip down to the ‘Custard Factory’ in Birmingham to meet up with all the participants from the other centres and to show off what our team had produced.

Team Aberdeen YRS 2013

Team Aberdeen YRS 2013

YRS 2013

From the Young Rewired State website

“The Festival of Code #yrs2013 happened from the 5th – 11th August 2013. We had over 1000 people taking part all over the UK. Monday – Thursday young coders aged 18 and under took part in 40 centres across the UK. On Friday all the centres came together at the Custard Factory in Birmingham where 600 people ventured down for a weekend of talks, presentations and fun! Our youngest participant was 5 years old this year.

Mini Maker Faire Brighton 7th September

Another trip down to Brighton for the third annual Mini Maker Faire. This time I flew down on the Friday to Gatwick then train to Brighton. I had to make a quick trip to B&Q to get a small tank for the Micro ROV’s when I arrived. It was a case of dropping off my equipment on the Friday evening before setting up early on the Saturday morning. It was good to see Tom Hartley who was one of the winners at Festival of Code with his PiCycle; a Raspberry powered bicycle navigation system. I’d introduced Tom to the organisers of the Brighton Maker Faire to see if they could add him to their Makers so it was nice to see things had worked out.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013

Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013

righton Mini Maker Faire ROV's

Brighton Mini Maker Faire ROV’s

On the Sunday before setting off back home I attended a Workshop by Jude Pullen. The workshop was about techniques for creating quick prototype using basic tools and cardboard. More details about Jude who works for Dyson can be found here

Northern Lights conference  31st October, Aberdeen

Back for it’s third year and still as popular as ever. Organised by Bruce Scharlau and Alan Gardner. It was nice to see Sarah Drummond who I’d seen speaking at Converged earlier in the year was giving the closing Keynote. She kept everyone enthralled with her stories and I believe ended up having to get a later train home.

Dundee Mini Maker Faire 10th November

We had an early start to drive down to Dundee from home and get set up before the doors opened. The event was co-organised with Dundee Science Festival and was one of the smaller Maker Faires that I have attended. Plenty of people visited during the day and I had a number of interesting conversations.

Dundee Mini Maker Faire

Dundee Mini Maker Faire

Dundee ROV's

Dundee ROV’s